Questions by Stefan2008-02-13
my nexto m1 nd2325 is an update junkie

I got my nexto m1 nd2325 today. After switching it on not the expected "x-copy ready" message appeared, but "fw update m1_mp connect pc", counting down from 20secs before switching itself off aggain. After upgrading to v1.071 ("download successful")the display showed "Mem-card test" followed by "pc<->usb". After switching off and on again, whether connected to the pc or not, "fw update m1_mp" was shown just like before the update. So I tried v1.04: "download successful", "v1.04" was displayed, but still the same message "fw update m1_mp" after switching it off and on, no "x-copy ready".

What´s the problem here?

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Answer by NextoDI2008-02-13
"fw update m1_mp" appears only when reset and copy buttons are presses at the same time. it is for F/W update.
Perhaps, there is possibility that the reset button of your M1 has some faulty. Please ask your dealer to replace it.

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