Questions by stef78g2008-02-04
usb connection Nexto-pc problem

I have used my Nexto ND 2300 in the last two years.

Today my pc can't see the Nexto. When I connect by usb the Nexto to my pc nothing happens! I turn on my nexto I read "X copy ready" and then nothing else, then the nexto turn off.

It seems like an error in the usb connection. I can copy by CF cards, or explore the internal HD by nexto's display, but it don't work like an external HD whet it is connect to the pc!

I tried with two different computers. First was a desktop with Windows Vista, and second was a laptop with Windows XP.

I changed also USB cable, but nothing happens!

When I connect Nexto to the PC, Nexto'display shows the "e" to indicate the external power, but nothing else, no usb connection is on!

Help ... please!

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Answer by nextodi2008-02-04
Dear Sir,

What is you firmware version. if it were not latest version(v1.25), update v1.25 and try it again
Answer by stef78g2008-02-04
I have 1.03 version.

I have never had problems with my nextoOTG. First time was yesterday.

My pc now don't recognize my nextoOGT like external HD when I connect it by usb cable, so how can I update v1.25?

Can I have a update by Compact Flash?
Answer by stef78g2008-02-05
I use windows XP with SP2.

Could I have help please?

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