Questions by Wai2008-01-29
What is the difference between ND2700 and ND2525?
I was about to buy the ND2525 when I saw today that NextoDI is going to launch the ND2700 at PMA 2008. Can you tell me what are the differences between the ND2700 and ND2525 and when do you expect to have the ND2700 available for sale? I'm going on a trip in late March so wondering if the ND2700 will be available then. Hope you will help me to make an informed buying decision.

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Answer by nextoDI2008-01-30
ND2700 will be available in market in early April.
For more spec, please consult its brochure. you can download it at our web site [SUPPORT] - [DOWNLOAD]
Answer by Wai2008-02-04
Thanks for the info. What is the estimated retail price?
Answer by nextodi2008-02-05
Retail price is not fixed yet.

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