Questions by Solly2008-01-29
NEXTO OTG firmware "no device connect"
Got a ND 2300 (red) with firmware 1.10. I can browse the Nexto-HDD with the computer(WIN XP), but as soon as i switch Nexto off (to start firmware update), the firmware update says: "no device connected". I tried everything, disconnect, switch off, plug again, press Reset and Copy, hold copy, start EndUser.exe - I only get "no device connected". How does the firmware software finds the NExto, if its switched off (shows "FW Update" on NExto but doesn't make the Computersystem recognizing NExto.)

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Answer by nextodi2008-01-30
You should keep pressing copy button while the download process id doing.
For your convenience, please see our video manual for Firmware update. you can download this at our website [SUPPORT] - [DOWNLOAD]
Answer by Steve2008-02-20
Same problem for me. Win2000 laptop, ND 2300 v1.032
Successfully get the "FW Update" text up on the ND 2300. Then click the "EndUser.Exe" file on the PC - and get the "No Device Connect" error.
Funnily enough the PC know the device is there because if I unplug the cable I get the usual "USB device unplugged illegally" type error on the PC.
I only want to get this thing working so my MacBook will recognise the device. At the moment the MacBook doesn't see it when plugged in. Very annoying....
Answer by steve2008-02-20
Yes, watched the video and followed instructions. Yes, still get the same error. Yes, the PC can happily read/write to the ND 2300 under normal conditions (but not with the Mac).
Suggestions appreciated.

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