Questions by René2008-01-14
no choice of sampling or full verification
Last week I bought the Nexto M1 (software version V1.07) with a 160 GB harddisk at a retailer in the Netherlands. I have the next question to you:

When I connect my Sony DSC-R1 with 4 GB at the OTG input I can backup my data without problems. At the end the message Copy done! With the duration of it. Message: Remove USB.

After removing and inserting at the OTG again the message is: Same card! Verify. I answer yes and at this moment I expect the choice out of the 2 types of verification: sampling or full. But this choice is not possible. My Nexto M1 is ‘just’ verifying and gives the message: Verify Done! with the time.

Is it correct that it is not possible to make this choice in verifying or do I something wrong?
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Answer by NextoDI2008-01-14
1. Now, M1's verification mode is 'sampling verify' mode. It is the method that compares the first 128kb of each file. If we took 'full verify' mode, you need veri much time to verification more than almost a hour. We thought it was so nominal.

2. As we knew, Sony DSC-R1 uses Memory Stick, so we think it is more effective that backup MS card directly using the slot in left sid of M1.

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