Questions by Timskis62007-05-18
ND2300 and Creative Zen Vision support
I've tried connecting the Nexto ND2300 OTG to a Creative Zen Vision 30GB portable media player with no success. When connected, the Nexto recognizes the USB device, but stays in the "USB Device Recognized" state indefinitely and doesn't ever connect.
There is an option on the Zen to partition part of the HDD to act as a removable storage unit, but that still doesn't work either.
Is there no support between these two devices or am I just doing something wrong?

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Answer by NextoDI2007-05-23
First of all, sorry to late response.
I don't know your device specification, PMP or MP3?
Basically, Nexto series doesn't match with any type of MP3 Players.
Answer by Timskis62007-05-31
It's a PMP, about two years old. If it helps, Windows XP needs the special PMP drivers supplied in SP2 to recognize the PMP. Therefore computers running SP1 can't connect to it.
Answer by NextoDI2007-06-01
Nexto OTG supports standard [mass storage class].
But Zen Vision seems not to support standard.
Because it uses proprietary method, we cannot be able to support.

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