[NVS2500] CODEC schedule for preview
New CODEC is supported by firmware upgrade.

As of 30th Oct 2009(Firmware V1.06), following CODEC is supported at NVS2500.

* Currently supported CODEC
1) MPEG2
3) HDV
4) Preliminary support of AVC-INTRA

R&D on following CODEC is in progress.
* CODECs shall be supported in future
1) Full support of AVC-INTRA (till end of 2009)
2) RED Codec (till end of 2009)
3) AVCHD (till end of 1Q of 2010)

Preview of following files are supported with those CODEC.
* with current(V1.06) CODEC
1) mp4 file from SONY EX1/EX1R/EX3/PMW350 and JVC GY-HM100/700.
2) mxf file from Panasonic P2CAM
3) mxf file from IKEGAMI & ConvergentDesign
4) mov file from JVC GY-HM100/700 and ConvergentDesign
5) avi-type1 file from SONY Z5/Z7/EX1R/PMW350
6) dv file from SONY Z5/Z7/EX1R/PMW350
7) m2t file from SONY Z5/Z7

* with future CODEC
1) R3D file from RED ONE camera (till end of 2009)
2) mov file from CANON 5DMK2 (till end of 1Q 2010)