[NVS2500] USB hard drive compatibility
NVS2500 can connect to external USB hard drive to do Multi-copy or SYNC between internal hard drive and external USB hard drive.
Following hard drive is tested to work.

* 3.5' external USB hard drive
2) WD : My Book Essential Edition(WD6400H1U-00), 640G
3) HP : Simple Save External Hard Drive(hp md1000h), 1TB
4) LaCie : Lacie Hard Disk Designed by Neil Poulton(301302KU), 500G
5) Seagate : Free Agent Desk External Drive, 1TB

* 2.5' external USB hard drive
1) LG(***) : XPRESS XD2 USB(HXD2U32GL), 320GB
2) HP(***) : Simple Save Portable Hard Drive(hp sd320a), 320GB
3) LaCie(**) : Lacie Little Disk(P2.5U2), 320GB
4) NextoDI(*) : Nexto-eXtreme(ND2700), 250GB
5) Samsung(***): S2 Portable 160(HXMU016DA/D32), 160GB
6) Hitachi(***): NESO 160(N2501S.1), 160GB
7) Seagate(***): Free Agent GO Portable Drive, 320GB
8) Hujitsu(***): Calmee Xena, 250GB
- * : No need for power adapter of NVS2500 and this USB drive
- ** : Need power adapter for both NVS2500 and this USB drive
- *** : No need for power adapter of this USB drive. But needs power adapter of NVS2500