Supporting CFexpress card at Nexto.
There are three types of CFexpress cards. They all use the same technology, but like SD cards and microSD cards, they have different form factors.
The Type-B card was first released in 2019 and the Type-A card was released in mid-2020(first used in the SONY A7S III).
Type-B CFexpress cards have exactly the same form factor as XQD cards, so Nexto can support CFexpress Type-B cards just like Nexto did with XQD cards.
However, the Type-A cards are smaller (similar to SD cards), so they don't fit into Nexto's XQD slot, again like SD cards and microSD cards.
In this case, you can use Nexto's 'Copy from USB' feature. Some, but not all, Nexto models support copying from a USB card reader.
If your Nexto supports 'Copy from USB', you can use a USB card reader to copy your CFexpress card to Nexto.

Following Nexto supports backup CFexpress cards.

1. NPS-10.
- XQD model : Type-B through XQD slot. Type-A through 'USB Host' port via your card reader
- CFast/CF model : through 'USB Host' port via your card reader

2. NSB-25
- Type-B through XQD module. Type-A cannot be supported.

3. NVS 2801
- Type-B through SxS slot via SONY QDA-EX1 adapter.
- Through 'Card Reader' port via your card reader