NPS-10 update verification fails with error code 0x00170019 (with Nikon Z7, Z6 camera)
This problem was caused by 'NC_FLLST.DAT' file created by NIKON Z7, Z6 camera.
The 'NC_FLLST.DAT' contains info about each photo or video, and updated at each shooting.
But the file is fixed size(80KB or 82KB) and the modified time field never changed.
So NPS-10 regards that file as not changed and does not recopy during the update.
But because the content of 'NC_FLLST.DAT' is actually changed, so the verification fails with 0x00170019 which means comparison failed.

To work around this problem, we will make 'NC_FLLST.DAT' will not be included in verification at later firmware release(V1.06).