Formatting error during SSD format at NPS, NVS, NSB.
If used with large capacity SSD(>= 2TB), Nexto can fail to format SSD depending on the SSD model.
This problem is caused by longer security erase time of SSD.
The security erase time of some SSD takes more than 150 second, and that makes time out error during the format.
NextoDI shall release new firmware solving this compatibility problem in future.

If your device's firmware version is less than or equal to the following version number, there might be a format compatibility issue.
-- NVS2801+ : V1.21
-- NSB-25 : V1.41
-- NPS-10 : V1.05

If you have a large capacity (greater than 1TB) SSD and you are having formatting issues, follow these steps to use it.
1. Connect your Nexto(or Bridge Pellet in case of NSB-25) to the computer.
2. Power up Nexto.
3. Select 'Computer I/F'
4. Now 'Nexto' shall spear on your computer.
5. Format it using exFAT according to the method explained here.

Following SSDs are known to having very long erase time.
-- Sandisk 3D SSD
-- WesternDigital 3D SSD

Following SSDs are known to having shorter erase time.
-- 860EVO

Recommend using 860EVO if you are going to use SSD capacity larger than (or equal to) 2GB.