[Update 2015.10.14] 3.5' External HDD case compatibility issue (4K sector)
With firmware version V1.21, NSB-25 can support every 3.5' USB 3.0 HDD including 4K sector drive.
This includes every 3.5' USB HDD from 'Seagate' 'WesternDigital' 'Lacie' 'Hitachi' ' Tochiba'.
Multi-bay USB drive can be supported as far as it is configured as a single RAID drive, i.e., pop up as a single drive in the computer.

Currently(Feb 2015) every product of NextoDI does not support external hard drive with sector size larger tha 512 byte.

Some external Hard Drive case vendor(including Seagate/WesternDigital) producing extenral HDD case which sector size is 4096 byte.
Those external USB hard drive cannot be used with all of NextoDI products at this moment.

Following is list of external USB drive known to be 4K sector size.
1. Seagate
- 3.5 inch USB3.0 external HDD.
--> Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Drive (SRD00F2)

2. Western
- 3.5 inch USB3.0 external HDD.
--> WD Book Premium Storage (WDBF JK0030HBK-SESN)

There will be more 4K sector size USB3.0 external Hard Drive with 3.5 inch drive in it.

We\'ll fix this problem with firmware upgrade later.