[ND2901] Compatibility with HDD from Seagate
We recently found Hard Drive Compatibility issue on ND2901.

Some hard drive from Seagate does not detected properly with computer through USB2.0 connection.
So if your computer does not have USB2.0, then avoid using Seagate hard drive.
If your computer is USB3.0, then no problem using those HDDs.

1. HDD Model
- ST1000LM024 (Printed as SAMSUNG HDD).
- Laptop SSHD
2. Problem
- ND2901 with above HDD does not detected at the computer with USB2.0 port.(Either MAC or Windows)
- If connected to computer with USB3.0, no problem.
- No problem on backup operation with that HDD.

In Summary, if you use Seagate HDD, ND2901 can detect & copy it, but if your computer has USB2.0 port only, you cannot connect ND2901 to the computer.

We are further working on that, but it seems HW related very basic compatibility issue, so not positive on finding work around.

Recommended HDD is as below.
- HDD : WesternDigital WD Blue series : WD10JPVX
- SSD : SAMSUNG SSD EVO series -> Need to be used with External Battery for ND series