[ND2700] Nexto-eXtreme eSATA compatibility
If you want to connect the Nexto-eXtreme to your computer via eSATA connection, the eSATA connector of your computer MUST support SATA2.0 or more.
The Nexto-eXtreme does not support SATA1.0 compliant eSATA connector.

Use of PCI card type SATA controller is prohibited because almost all PCI type SATA card does not support SATA2.0
PCIexpress or ExpressCard type eSATA card can be used with the Nexto-eXtreme.
Also if your computer has eSATA connector on the motherboard, then you can connect Nexto-eXtreme via eSATA.

Nexto-eXtreme can be connected to computer via USB at anytime.