Upgrade pack and File system support
We tried to make upgrade pack for the following models to enable support for the various File system.
Target Model : NVS2501 / NVS2525 Normal
File system : exFAT / FAT32 / UDF
Add Wi-Fi support

We planned to use the technology developed at the NVS2825.
But it turned out to be impossible because of memory size limitation.

Instead we are working on adding full support of exFAT for those target model above for free. NVS2501/2525 will be able to copy file size larger than 4GB with that new firmware.

But there can be compatibility issue because this new firmware for NVS2501/2525 may not be able to support SxS from SONY F5/F55 which has proprietary entry of exFAT.

The firmware targetted before end of October, but can be delayed as long as end of the year.