Incremental Copy -manual-
Update (or Incremental Copy)

If memory card was copied and only some files are added after the copy,
then user choose copy added files only.

Once a memory card is inserted, copy options are shown on screen.
- When DATA of memory card is not in ND2730
"Fast Copy / Copy & Verify"

- When the memory card is already copied in ND2730
"Verify / Copy / Delete"

- When memory card was copied and added more files
"Fast Copy / Copy & verify / Update"
in this case, you can make incremental Copy choose "update"


To use Incremental Copy, it has to be satisfied follows

- must not connect ND2730 to PC in between an incremental backup
-> If the Data is edited, incremental copy doesn't work.
PC may make Thumb or System files automatically.

- must not delete files in both ND2730 and Memory card
-> all DATA of ND2730 (Previous Copied) must be in Memory Card.
If any data stored in Memory Card is deleted (But if they
are in ND2730), ND2730 recognizes the memory card is new
DATA, and doesn't support incremental Copy.

- with Auto Copy on, always copy all data.
-> If you want to use Incremental Copy,
please select Auto Copy off, or press button to cancel Auto
copy. after cancel it, it's shown copy options included

If got Error while Incremental Copy, please connect to PC
and check Folder name "UPD.XXX"
in this folder, you can find previous DATA copied before.