[NVS2525 UDF] Support for SoundDevice Pix240
NVS2525 UDF special with firmware version V1.50(or above) can support copying CF or SSD recorded at SoundDevice PIX240.

NVS2525 can copy every format video(both PRORES & DnxHD) file from PIX240.
NVS2525 can show preview of the PRORES video from PIX240 but cannot show DNxHD video.

When copy the SSD through eSATAp port, follow following step.
1. Power Up NVS2525 with external power(DC-In) connected.
2. After you see the 'X-copy Ready' message, connect eSATAp cable with the SSD module connected.
3. Then you'll see mode selection menu on the LCD
- Mcopy/Sync
- Copy from eSATA
4. Select 'Copy from eSATA'
5. Then NVS2525 UDF enter in to copy mode.

NVS2525 cannot support MAC generated system file( ex. .DS_Store) which is automaticaly generated if you connect the CF or SSD to MAC.
So format the SSD/CF at the PIX240, then record video to SSD/CF, then connect to NVS2525 UDF for copy.

Once SSD/CF connected to MAC, then MAC generates system file.
If you connect those SSD/CF to NVS2525 UDF, you'll see 'format error' message.

Because SoundDevice SSD/CF is formatted using UDF file system, other NVS(1501/2501/2525Normal) cannot support PIX240 formatted SSD/CF.
Only NVS2525 UDF with latest firmware support it.