HDD Compatibility
Basicaly all 2.5\' PATA HDD(9.5mm height) is compatible with Nexto-Series.
*NOTE: This is not applicable to Nexto-eXtreme(ND2700) and Nexto Video Storage(ND2725) because these two models use SATA HDD.

But all BEVE series of WesternDigital 2.5\' HDD(ex. WD1600BEVE) is not compatible with Nexto-Series because of their bug on implementing cable selected device numbering.

Also, some HDD made before 2003 may have compatibility issue with Nexto-Series.

Following HDD are compatible list
1. All current seagate HDD is OK and preferable.
2. All current Hitachi HDD is OK and preferable.
3. All current Toshiba HDD is OK and preferable.
4. All current Fujitsu HDD is OK but the back up speed is slower.
5. All current WesternDigital HDD other than BEVE series is OK.
6. All current Samsung HDD is OK but the power consumption is big compared to other competitors.