[NVS Series] Clarification on USB3.0 hard drive compatibility
Basically NVS series is compatible to USB3.0 hard drive.
But NVS is NOT compatible with USB3.0 cable.

There are 9 contact inside USB3.0 cable plug. 4 contact is for USB2.0 signal and located on the front side and 5 USB3.0 contact reside inside of the plug.
If the USB3.0 cable pluged deeply into the USB/eSATA connector of NVS, this 5 USB3.0 signal became shorted. That is the reason why users may feel USB3.0 does not works well with NVS.
This even happen with normal computer and that is the major reason why USB3.0 hard drive has so many problem with the computer.
So the problem is not USB hard drive but the USB3.0 cable.

If a user want to use USB3.0 hard drive with NVS using USB3.0 cable, he need to insert the cable loose. Then it'll work.

NVS2500 cannot provide enough power through USB host port.
So USB hard drive with 7200rpm hard drive or Firewire(1394)/USB combo external hard drive does not work with NVS2500 without powering the external hard drive with its own power adapter.

NVS2525/2501/1501 can provide enough power to run 2.5' external hard drive if the power adapter of NVS is connected.