[NVS2500] Blu-ray burning support
NVS2500 supports archiving backup folders to external USB Blu-ray driver.
Only burning BD-R and BD-RE is supported. CD & DVD is not supported.

* Caution
- Burning 25GB takes about 1 hour.
- Burning 50GB takes about 2 hours.
- Need power adapter connected on both NVS2500 and the BD driver.
- Lack of power to BD driver result in various strange error during BD burning.
- Some portable BD driver supply USB power cable instead of power adapter. These USB power cable is not sufficient. Need to have optional power adapter for portable BD driver in this case.
- Some cheaper BD-R disc might cause error during burning.
- These poor quality BD-R has possible bad sectors from the time you buy it.
- Not use BD-R from Rhino / RiTEK.
- BD-R from following company seems to be OK.(listed with recommended order)
++++ HP/Sony/Melody/Mitsubishi/Imation/Verbatim

* List of tested Blu-ray driver
Although we expect NVS2500 is compatible with all Blu-ray drivers, following drivers are tested.
Among them, LG Blu-ray driver was the best.
- LG Super Multi Blue
- Buffalo BR-X816SU2
- Sony Slim BD
- Panasonic UJ-240 Slim BD