[NVS2500] eSATA compatibility at MAC
* eSATA compatibility at MAC
NVS2500 has no compatibility issue with Windows computer.

In case of MAC, NVS2500 does have compatibility issue depending on eSATA adapter card.
Because MAC does not have native eSATA port, you need to use ExpressCard to eSATA adapter to use external eSATA hard drive.
The driver SW for this eSATA adapter card has compatibility issue, so NVS2500 may not work with the eSATA adapter card depending on which controller IC used at the adapter card.

1. Conclusion
If you want to use NVS2500 with MAC through eSATA connectivity, use ExpressCard to eSATA adapter made with controller from JMicon JMB360 line up(JMB360 or JMB362 ..).

2. Details
There are three major IC vendor who provide controller IC for ExpressCard to eSATA adapter.
1) Silicon Image : Sil323X(Sil3232,..) line up
2) Marvel : 88SE912X Line up
3) JMicron : JMB36X(JMB360, JMB362 ..) line up

All those IC has no problem at Windows computer.
The performance tested at Windows is as follow.
Marvel is the best (90MB/s), Silicon_Image is second(70MB/s), JMicron is the last(60MB/s).

But the driver SW of these IC has problem with MAC.
1) Silicon Image : Depending on the setup status of MAC, cannot detect FAT32 formatted eSATA hard drive like NVS2500.
2) Marvel : Because of driver SW compatibility issue, plug and play detection is not stable.
3) JMicron : No need to install driver SW, and no problem on working with NVS2500