Explanation on LED and LCD display
1. LEDs
1) When charging, red LED of left side lits. Nexto-OTG charges battery only at Power Off state.
2) Two Green LED(upper and lower) means Power On indication.
3) Two Red LED(left and right) indicates accessing HDD or CF.

2. LCD
1) The ’e’ mark left at the battery means ’external power’. It means Nexto-OTG is drawing power from adapter or USB.
2) The ’*’ mark left at the drive capacity means ’the value may not correct’. You see this mark after connecting to PC. Because if you delete files at PC then Nexto-OTG cannot know it. Nexto-OTG check the drive capacity at each auto power off(30sec idle then go into auto power off). After that cheking, now Nexto-OTG know exactly how much capacity and ’*’ mark disapear.