Versatile and Robust.
Modular memory card backup system for 4K & UHD.

NSB-25 is modular, meaning the memory card adapter and internal drives can be easily swapped out and replaced. Maybe you change your camera in the future and discover your card reader or backup storage becomes useless for that new camera. But don’t worry with NSB-25. Just change the memory module according to the memory card used by the new camera. There are nine types of memory modules that support almost all types of memory cards used in broadcast cameras. An interchangeable internal drive allows unlimited capacity and safety.

Touch Display
Power range
Up to
Battery Life

Versatility in memory cards surpported

The memory slot of the NSB-25 can be exchanged according to the memory card in use. That means, the NSB-25 is already compatible with the memory cards you will use for your current and future cameras.

Born for data safety (Multi-copy)

The NSB-25 copies data to the interchangeable drive caddy ‘Bridge Pellet’. The NSB-25 has two slots for ‘Bridge Pellet’. So you can easily copy memory cards into two ‘Bridge Pellets’ simultaneously for redundancy. If you need three copies, connect the USB drive to the USB host port of NSB-25. The NSB-25 will then make copy to two ‘Bridge Pellet’ and one USB drive at the same time, making a total of three copies.

Offloading data at editing system

The interchangeable ‘Bridge Pellet’ itself is a USB3.0 external drive. You can connect it directly to your computer using a USB3.0 cable and edit direct or copy the contents directly by drag-and-drop. NSB-25 has special read only computer I/F port on the main body. You cannot write or modified the contents of ‘Bridge Pellet’ when connected through this ‘computer I/F’ port of NSB-25.
The NSB-25 has a dedicated read-only ‘computer I / F’ port on the main unit. You cannot write or modify the contents of the bridge pellet when connected through this ‘computer I / F’ port of the NSB-25.

Preview video footage in the field

You can check your 2K/4K footage on the built in 5” LCD display.

4K Pack Software

4K Firmware Pack for Professionals

Check out your 4K RAW footage from Canon and ARRI in the field. The 4K pack includes a transcoder that converts 4K video into a 2K H264 mov proxy file and plays back at normal speed.


D-tap cable

Sampler Pack

Two Bridge Pellet + Two Bridge Memory Module

Bridge Pellet
(Hard drive (or SSD) protection rubber filler, mini screwdriver and screw set, Rubber cover jacket)

Bridge Memory Module

Technical Specifications


1.5 kg / 3.3 lb (w/o drive & memory module installed)


176 x 103 x 96 (mm) / 7 x 4 x 3.8 (inches)


5” Color TFT LCD: 800*480, 24-bit color

Memory card Support

Built in slot

CF, SD (SDHC/SDXC with UHS-1 support)

1 ea of exchangeable memory module slot for Bridge Memory Module

Backup Storage

Two removable hard drive slot for Bridge Pellet (sold separatly)

One USB3.0 Host port for any USB3.0 drive

File System

Memory card

FAT32 / exFAT / UDF / HFS+

Bridge pellet (Internal drive)


USB external drive


Video Support

Normal Playback

H.264 420, MPEG2 420, AVCHD, MPEG2 422 35M, XAVC 420, DV

QUASI Playback

MPEG 422 50M, ProRes 2K


AVC-Intra, XAVC 422, DNxHD, 4K footage

Supported Video File Format

.mxf / .mov / .mp4 / .mts / .dv / (.avi)

Video Out

Built in LCD or an external monitor interface

Audio Support

LPCM audio

Audio Out

Built in speaker (mono). Built in audio jack.

Photo Support

JPEG (.jpg) / Canon RAW (.cr2) / FujiFilm RAW (.raf) / Leica RAW (.dng / .rwl) / Nikon RAW (.nef) / Olympus RAW (.orf) / Panasonic RAW (.rw2) / Pentax RAW (.dng / .pef) / Samsung RAW (.srw) / Sony RAW (.arw)


3.7V 13200mAH Rechargeable Li-Poly battery Rechargeable via AC power adapter (6 hrs), USB cable (12 hrs), car charger cable. Use 3 hours (with two Bridge Pellet connected) with single charge. Copy 1TB to two drive simultaneous with single charge.

External Device Support

USB external drive / RAID

Computer I/F

USB 3.0 : 5Gbit/sec

OS Compatibility

Windows XP(SP2) / VISTA / 7 / 8 / 10 (Windows XP requires exFAT patch update)
MAC OS 10.6.5 or later, Linux 2.4.18 or later


Recommended : DC 12V/2A
Operational range: DC ±6~25V, external diameter 3.5Φ, internal diameter 1.3Φ
Operated by USB bus power during the computer connection



NSB-25 Firmware
Buy NSB-25 4K Pack SW

PDF Files

NSB-25 Package Contents
NSB-25 Technical Sepecifications
NSB-25 Manual
NSB-25 Brochure
NSB-25 4K Pack SW Brochure
NSB-25 4K SW Manual
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