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NVS2525 UDF Special (ARRI Alexa, PMW-500)
Note on NVS2525 UDF Special
Supports both UDF & FAT32 formatted memory cards.
(Comparing it to NVS2525 Normal, there are some limitation on functions)
E.g. Alexa:UDF E.g. PMW-500:FAT32 & UDF
Supports a single video file that is larger than 4GB.
Preview video
Video preview is available from the video formats that recorded from PMW-500 / ARRI Alexa. (Firmware V1.50 or greater is required)
E-Copy (Emergency-Copy)
When NVS detected internal hard disk errors or failure, NVS switches copy mode to
E-copy. Under E-copy, the data copied directly to attached external eSATA or USB drive.
Motion Detection
If user applies improper handling, NVS detects it and displays a warning message on LCD. The handling precautions help users to understand how to use the NVS and it can prevent from hard drive failures.
OS compatibility
    - Both internal and external hard drives are formatted in UDF format
    - External hard drive that is formatted in UDF does not work with Windows OS but works fine with MAC OS. (Earlier firmware version of V1.51)

After applied firmware version V1.51 or above, the external hard drive must be re-formatted before you can use it on Windows OS.
(If you format a hard disk that has files on it, the files will be deleted.
Please make a backup before you re-format the drive)
Unsupported functions
    - Safe Copy
    - Sector recovery
    - Auto index generation
    - Slow copy speed when there are many files on a memory card

The internal/external hard drive can be fragmented during performing copying and deleting actions. The disk fragmentation can lead to lower performance and causes significantly slow down the copy speeds. In this case, re-format the hard drive that will regain the performance and the fast copy speeds. (If you format a hard disk that has files on it, the files will be deleted. Please make a backup before you re-format the drive)
Operating temperature
    - NVS2525 does not work properly at under 0℃.
    - Warm the unit before use.
    - External battery is the most temperature sensitive device.
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