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NVS2501 UDF Special (ARRI Alexa, PMW-500)
Limitation on File system
- FAT32 and UDF file system is supported.
- Other file system(including exFAT) is not supported. This means SDXC larger than 32GB does not work with UDF special version.
Limitation on Supported Function
Following functions are NOT supported at UDF special version
- Safe Copy
- Copy to memory card (i.e., upload to external memory card)
- Sector recovery
- Auto index generation
- Audio Level meter on preview
Limitation on performance
- Slow copy speed when there are many files on a memory card
- The internal/external hard drive can be fragmented during performing copying and deleting actions. The disk fragmentation can lead to lower performance and causes significantly slow down the copy speeds. In this case, re-format the hard drive that will regain the performance and the fast copy speeds. (If you format a hard disk that has files on it, the files will be deleted. Please make a backup before you re-format the drive)