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X-Copy technology

X-copy is the name of a patented technology that has made NEXTO the fastest and safest backup system in the world for over 12 years.
All NEXTO products are equipped with this feature, which doubles the speed and doubles the data safety.

Incremental Copy

Back up memory card multiple time without erasing the card. Nexto keeps track of your card history and copies only the added(added after last backup) files. If there are any erased or changed files at the camera, that file shall be moved to “Trash” folder inside the backup folder. Therefore, Nexto always keeps the contents of the memory card and the contents of the disk the same.

Safety First!

Achieve 100% safety with Multi-copy (M-copy)

Connect USB external drive to Nexto.
Nexto simultaneously copies memory cards to internal and external drives at the same time.
M-copy technology minimizes copying time with parallel processing. Two backups ensure 100% data safety.

Check the results with your eyes

Users can preview video (or photo) files with audio on the built-in color LCD. A must-have feature that allows the user to visually confirm whether the footage has been successfully copied.

Automatic Video Integrity Checker

Runs a data integrity check when inserting each memory card and alerts the user if there is a video format error. This feature allows the user to recognize that there may be a problem with the video on the spot and to take appropriate measures such as re-shooting.

Minimize data loss in the worst case

Integrates freefall sensor and detect device drop and turn off the power to secure the internal drive.(NVS and NSB series)

True portable

Free from the power cable

Nexto works with internal rechargeable battery. The battery working time is approx 2 hours. Up to 1~2TB of memory card capacity can be copied during that 2 hours. Perfect portable backup device for documentary producers

Versatile Power System

From Solar Panel to Tank car charger. Nexto(NVS/NSB) accepts wide range of power inputs. Accepts 6 to 25V and protected up to 40V. Some models include reverse power protection. You can easily get power from where no wall power is available.