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Enjoy The Speed OF X-Copy Technology
X-Copy is patent technology that enables Nexto CF ULTRA to perform the fastest backup in the world. With X-Copy data is transferred from memory card directly to HDD whereas with legacy technology CPU gets in the way of data transfer.
- saves your time
- decreases usage of the batteries
- decreases chance of failure
P Product M Product
CF Memory Backup Time
sandisk Extreme III CF 1G 51sec 1min45sec 1min57sec 6min15sec
Hitachi Microdrive 2G 6min 3sec 6min 50sec 6min 15sec 15min 30sec
PC Data Transfer Time
USB Connection
(2G transfer)
1min45sec 1min55sec 2min40sec 3min5sec
IEEE1394 Connection
(2G transfer)
1min44 sec NONE NONE NONE
Internal Battery 40G 30G NONE 8G
Exernal Battery 70G 50G NONE NONE
Charge Time
AC Power Adapter 3hr6min 3hr6min    
USB Cable 4hr37min 4hr37min    
[Backup Speed using 17-in-1 memory adapter]
memory card File Type Ultra
Trascend SDHC 4G 953MB, 106Files 2min 04sec
701MB, 2 Files 1min 30sec
961MB, 512 Files 2min 08sec
Sandisk SD 1G 953MB, 106Files 2min 03sec
701MB, 2 Files 1min 30sec
961MB, 512 Files 2min 07sec
MS Pro Duo 1G 953MB, 106Files 3min 10sec
701MB, 2 Files 2min 19sec
961MB, 512 Files 3min 15sec
Feel The Flexibility of the backup device
Nexto CF ULTRA supports high speed USB1.1/USB 2.0 and also IEEE1394(FireWire) for fast transfer of data. So not only PC users but MAC users can enjoy the speed of Nexto CF ULTRA.
You can control every functions of Nexto CF ULTRA only with a button. Either press the button once or press it down for a second guide you to copy, format, erase or file browse. It is so simple and easy to use
You can compare the data in the memory card with backed up data in the HDD after the backup is completed. Every bit of data is compared using world first H/W based verify ability. It only takes 90 seconds to verify 1GB of data
The strength of battery is heart of backup deviece. Nexto CF ULTRA has Li-Poly rechargeable battery installed. It can backup up to 40GB when fully charged. Plus rechargeable external battery can backup up to 110GB of data when fully charged.
Using IEEE1394
Use the IEEE1394 6-6 cable to connect Nexto CF ULTRA and PC to recharge internal/external battery. The PC must be turned on while charging the battery. The battery will not be charged with 4pin IEEE1394 cable or MAC
Using USB
Use the USB cable to connect Nexto CF ULTRA and PC to recharge internal/external battery. The PC must be turned on while charging the battery
Using cigar jack connector in vehicles
Use the cigar jack cable in Nexto CF ULTRA package to charge batteries for Nexto CF UTLRA. Nexto CF ULTRA has voltage control circuits installed so you can recharge Nexto CF ULTRA no matter what type of car you own
Using AC adapter
Use AC adapter to charge Nexto CF ULTRA. The red light around copy button indicates that device being charged.
Product Number ND2525
Memory Cards
Integrated Slot CF Card Type 1 & Type 2 Microdrive
With Optional
17-in-1 Adaptor
SD/ SDHC / XD / mini SD / TransFlash / MMC /MMC Plus /MMC mobile / RSMMC / MS MagicGate / MS Select / MS Duo / MS Duo MagicGate / MS Pro MS Pro MagicGate / MS Pro Duo / MS Pro Duo Magic Gate
Power / Battery Internal Battery : Rechargable Li-Poly (3.7V, 1550mAh), backup 40GB of
data when
fully charged (Tested with 1G SanDisk Extreme 3 CF Card)
External Battery : Rechargeable Li-lon (3.7V, 2200mAh), backup 40GB of data when fully charged (Under same test condition as internal battery)
Batteries can be charged using USB, IEEE1394, cigar jack in vehicles or AC adaptor.
HDD 2.5" PATA Type HDD (supporting up to 2,000G)
Interface USB2.0 High Speed 480Mbps
IEEE1394 400Mbps
Backup Speed Maximum Speed : 32MB/sec
Average Speed : 20MB/sec
OS Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista
Mac 9.2 or above
Linux 2.4.18 or above
File System HDD : FAT32 Memory Card : FAT12/32
Size 128mm X 77mm X 23mm
Weight 130g without HDD
Contents USB Cable / IEEE1394 Cable/ Cigar Jack Cable / Extemal Battery / AC Adaptor Case / Screw Driver and Bolts / User Manual