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Powerful 'Udate' function (Incremental Copy)
From the firmware V1.50, ND2901 supports 'Update' function.
With this function, ND2901 check the memory card ID and file size & date, then copy added files and skip existing files.
If any files are changed(such as camera meta data) or deleted from the memory card, ND2901 move it to [Trash] directory under the backup folder.
So keep the content of backup folder data same as the memory card, but not duplicate already stored data.
Backs Up Files Larger than 4GB regardless of file type
ND2901 supports exFAT format that enables copying of files larger than 4GB, regardless of the file type i.e. Video, Photo, and other file types.
Memory card Slot Speed (MB/s) Copy time(per 32GB)
CompactFlash CF 70 7m 10s
micro P2
micro SD(w/ adapter)
SDHC/SDXC 40 13m 10s
Creates a copy to a USB drive, without a computer ("SYNC")
With a single operation, you can easily, quickly and safely sync data from ND2901 to a USB drive, at the speed of 1.4GB/min (24MB/sec).
ND2901 (Source)
Sync Files or Folders (SYNC)
External USB Drive
Incremental backup supported, only the files or folders that have changed since the last backup will be copied to increase data sync speed.
In “X-Copy Ready”, plug-in the supplied Power Adapter (or optional car charger) and a USB drive (128GB capacity or above) to the ND2901. The ND2901 is now ready to use the SYNC function.
Viewing File Information and Previewing Photos
You can preview file information and photos directly from the 1.44” LCD. The files can be read from the internal disk, memory card, or an external USB devices (i.e. USB drive, memory card reader) attached to ND2901.
Thumbnail View
Preview Photo clip
Selected Folder
Video List
Video File Info
Supported Devices
Memory card
External USB Device