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Insert a memory card

If the memory card contains new data and the data doesn’t exist on ND2901, then it will show the total number of files and its capacity on the LCD. You can choose either "Fast Copy (just copy)" or "Copy & Verify (copy and data verification)".

Insert a memory card that previously copied

If the data is already stored on ND2901, then it will show the folder name on screen. You can choose "Vfy (compare data again)", "Copy (copy data again into new folder)" or "Del (erasing data on the memory card)".

Insert a memory card that contains new files

If the data already stored on ND2901 and the memory card contains new files, then it will show the copy menu on screen. You can choose "Copy & Verify (re-copy and data verification)", "Fast Copy (just re-copy)" or "Update (only copy those files that have changed since the last backup)".

Sync / Copy from USB

When you attach a USB drive that is larger than 128GB in capacity, The ND2901 will show the following user selectable option, "SYNC" (copying data from ND2901 to the USB drive), "Copy from USB" (copying data from the USB drive to ND2901)

Syncing from ND2901 to USB drive ("SYNC")

If you select "Copy", then all stored data on ND2901 will be copied to the USB drive. If you select "Verify", all stored data on ND2901 will be compared to the data on the USB drive.

Copy from USB drive to ND2901 ("Copy from USB")

Enables copying of all data from the USB drive to ND2901.


Select the internal disk or the external USB device (i.e. USB drive, memory card reader) that you want to preview.

Checking file info and previewing photos

You can check the file information for video files and preview photos directly on the LCD.

Delete a Selected Folder

Displays folder list when the internal disk or USB drive is selected. You can select the individual folder and delete it. Before deleting any information, you will be asked to confirm delete twice.

Previous Success / Fail

Confirming Previous Backup Result on LCD

During a "Copying, Verifying, or Syncing" process, if the copying process was interrupted in case of a bad memory card (or bad internal disk) it will be difficult to determine whether all data was safely copied. In such cases, ND2901 displays results of the previous operation in the next power up on the LCD to prevent accidental data loss.


Format internal disk

ND2901 provides “HDD Format” tools without aid of a computer. ND2901 will ask you to confirm it twice before the format function is triggered, to prevent accidental formatting of the HDD. (Caution: Formatting destroys all data on the drive. Back up any data that you want to keep to another drive)

Self Test

ND2901 provides "SELF TEST" diagnostic tools. With this, you can easily and quickly test the internal disk and external USB device (external USB drive / USB memory card reader).
If errors are found backup data immediately and replace the bad drive with new drive or consult with a data recovery professional.

Short Drive Self Test

Collects S.M.A.R.T. data from a hard drive and quickly detects whether ND2901’s internal disk is defective.

Full Drive Self Test

Performs a deep scan of a selected disk (or a card) to detect bad sectors.

Delete TMP Folder

Delete TMP folder

During the copy process, if the user stopped the process or is interrupted by disk (or card) errors, then ND2901 moves those orphan files to a temporary folder (“TMP”) automatically. These files are incomplete therefore we recommend deleting them to save disk space.

FW Update

Firmware Update

Download the latest firmware for ND2901, here.
Firmware updates include improvements, bug fixes, and new features to the ND2901.

Auto Copy On/Off

Set Auto Copy mode

If you want your ND2901 to copy and verify data ("Copy&Verify") automatically when a memory card is inserted, then set the "Auto Copy" function to "ON". After inserting the card into the ND2901, data copy will begin after 5 seconds.

Buzzer On/Off

Set Buzzer

ND2901 allows you to set alerts for Successful copy, failed copy, or copying error has occurred.