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Internal data storage
The ND2901 uses 2.5 inches Serial ATA(SATA) hard drive as an internal data storage. Any SATA hard drive with 9.5mm or less height can be used.
If users want to use SSD(Solid State Drive) as an internal drive, users MUST add external battery(optional) to work properly.
You can buy external battery from distributor or from here.
Up to 90 minutes of Battery Use
The ND2901 has a rechargeable (Li-polymer) battery built-in. You can charge the battery by plugging in the supplied AC power adapter or USB cable coming from your computer into the ND2901 to charge. The fully charged battery will last up to 90 minutes of usage and data transfer up to 300GB from a CF memory card. The battery power will be extended up to 3 hours if the optional external battery (sold separately) is attached to the ND2901.
Up to 90 mins Internal Battery Up to 3 hrs Internal & External Battery
Maximum data transfer with a full charge
Compact Flash 300 GB SD/SDHC/SDXC 200GB
External Battery IN
AC Power Adapter IN
Slip the External battery (Sold separately) into the side pocket for easy carrying
USB device IN
(connects to a computer)
(connects to a USB drive)
Using the ND2901 with USB Devices
ND2901 is equipped with a “USB HOST IN” that supports External hard drives and Memory card readers. You can SYNC the ND2901’s internally stored data to the External hard drive, if the External hard drive capacity is larger than 128GB. If the External hard drive capacity is less than 128GB, then the drive will function as a memory card has been inserted into the ND2901
Take advantage of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology for high-speed file transfer
The ND2901 will connect to a computer equipped with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectivity with file transfer speeds up to 5Gbps. The ND2901 is also USB 2.0 backward compatible and lower.
Memory Cards Slot to backup from digital cameras
ND2901's portable design, neat features and affordable ownership make it the prefect on-location backup tool for those who shoot with ActionCam(i.e. GoPro HERO3/HERO3+), Compact Camera Systems (i.e. Panasonic GH4, BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera), HD Digital SLRs (i.e. Canon 5D MK3, Nikon D800)or Digital Cinematography Cameras (i.e. Sony NEX-FS700).
All memory types followed by
Secure Digital spec;
microP2, micro SD (w/ adapter)
All memory types followed by
Compact Flash spec;
1.44" Color LCD and Control Button
Toggling between MENU and selecting functions with the Control Button on ND2901.
The 1.44” color LCD displays the copying progress and completed file information.
Remaining internal disk capacity
Current Status
Control Button
Battery Status
How to use the Control Button
Press the Control Button once
Press and hold down the Control Button for 2 seconds or more
Push the Control Button in the upward
Push the Control Button in the downward