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Connecting ND2901 with Smart Phone
The ND2901 can be connected to Android based Smart Device through the OTG interface of that Smart Device. Click here to check if your Smart Device supports OTG I/F or no.
Users can view/play/delete/move the Photo or Video stored in ND2901 on his Smart Device through this OTG interface.
Smart Phone(Android)
USB 3.0 cable
USB OTG cable
* Depend on the power capacity of Smart Device, users may need to use with USB OTG Y-cable , or connect AC power adapter to the ND2901.
USB OTG Y-cable
USB OTG cable
AC power adapter(5V/1A)
1) Connect USB 3.0 cable(bigger head) and USB OTG cable(bigger head) as shown on the figure
2) Connect USB 3.0 cable(smaller head) to the USB3.0 micro-B connector of ND2901.
3) Connect USB OTG cable(smaller head) to your Smart Phone.
4) Power up ND2901 and ND2901 will ask you connecting AC power adapter if required.
On the Smart Device
1) If the ND2901 is connected and detected properly, the Smart Device alarm about it. Tap that alarm or execute 'My Files' App.
2) Move to '/Storage/USBDriveA/' on the 'My Files' App. That is the root folder of ND2901.
3) Move to the 'NEXTOMS' folder. You can find date coded backup folders.
4) You can see the JPEG file directly, while need to use other App to view RAW files.
RAW file viewer for Smart Device
1) Search with 'raw image' in the Play store. You can see many Apps for viewing RAW files.(This example is based on 'RAW Decoder Free')
2) After the App installation, execute the App then connect ND2901.
3) Then move to '/storage/UsbDriveA/NEXTOMS' folder
4) Navigate to the backup folder containing the RAW files.
5) You can see your JPEG or RAW file in full resolution