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D-tap cable (Sold separately)
The D-tap cable connects the high capacity of battery (~ 24V input voltage) to NSB-25 for recharging & operation.
About six hours with the 100W battery NSB-25 operates, the batteries are exchangeable during the use.
Sample pack (Sold separately)
2ea of bridge pellet + 2ea of memory card module
Bridge Pellet
(Hard drive (or SSD) protection rubber filler, mini screwdriver and screw set, Rubber cover jacket)
NSB-25 includes 2 slots for 2 bridge pellets which can hold 2.5 inches SATA Hard drive (or SSD). The user puts the hard driver (or SSD) in the brige pellet by oneself, there is no limitation of capacity of hard drive (or SSD), but the limit of the height is 9.5mm.
Bridge Memory Module
The bridge pellet and memory card module are interchangeable for user’s requirement.
Type1 SxS / XQD / express P2
Type2 RED / CFast / AJA PAK / 2.5" SATA Drive
Type3 P2
Type4 AXSM