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Backup performance
Based on the criteria of simulation NSB-25 with SSD (by the company)
NSB-25 generates a CRC-protected log file to keep track of usage with the function set up by the user.
Show thumbnail during copy
You can set up to show thumbnail during copy. It may cause slow performance of backup according to codec.
Error checking before backup
In case of that the video data is damaged due to the dead of battery in the middle of shooting, error message is displayed. Nsb-25 recognize the intact files before the copy except of the invalid data.
Generating LOG file with calculation of CRC code
NSB-25 calculates the CRC(Cyclic Redundancy Check) code for each file during copying the memory card copy and stores it to the LOG file. Users can use Nexto DI CRC Checker program provided by NextoDI to check if the video file is changed from its original copy.