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Incremental Copy (Update function)
NextoDI added the [Incremental Copy] feature at the firmware version V1.30.
With this function, users can backup their memory card multiple times without erasing the memory card and without wasting the hard drive capacity.
Each time users adding the memory card, NSB-25 checks if there are same files already copied before to see if this memory card is once copied.
And copy added files(added after last backup) only.
If there are any erased files at the camera, that file shall be moved to [Trash] folder inside the backup folder.
* Users can check the details on the updated files in the Log menu of main screen, or at the computer. The Log file is located in the [NsbLog] folder of each bridge pellet.
Interchangeable Memory card module
It is designed with the flexibility to create a backup from
almost every memory card, with an
interchangeable memory card module.
Supports memory card module
SxS, XQD, P2, AJA PAK, CFast, REDMAG, 2.5 inches SSD(or hard drive)
AXSM, express P2, RED MINI-MAG
Simultaneously Backup up to Three drives with a single operation (Mcopy)
After shooting footage,take the card out from your camera,
and then insert it into the card slot on NSB-25.
You can easily and securely create up to
three backups (2 hard drive modules and
1 external drive) simultaneously.
Removable Two Drive Module(Bridge pellet)
The NSB-25 ships with 2 removeable drive modules(diskless).
A module is easily swappable with another one
to expand storage space.
2 bridge pellets which can hold 2.5 inches
SATA Hard drive(or SSD), user put the
hard driver (or SSD) by oneself.
High speed of data transfer with USB 3.0
It is connectable not only NSB-25 but
bridge pellet to computer using of
USB port.
Playback 2K, Preview 4K
The NSB-25 plays back 2K or preview 4K clips on a 5" color TFT LCD monitor.
You can also attach a bigger monitor through
an external monitor interface for a better viewing experience.
Normal Playback
H.264 420, MPEG2 420, AVCHD,
MPEG2 422 35M, XAVC 420
QUASI Playback
MPEG2 422 50M, PRORES 2K
AVC-Intra, XAVC 422, DNxHD,
4K footage
4K Pack (Sold separately)
Converts 4K files to H.264(.mov) file format. Playback transcoded files on
a 5" color TFT LCD ora bigger monitor through monitor interface.
Copy All Files to Another Drive
You can quickly and easily copy all files from
an internal hard drive module (of the NSB-25)
to another drive. Only those files that have
changed since the last sync will be copied,
to perform faster and save space.
Export Folders
You can select multiple folders and move them
from an internal hard drive module to another
drive. The selected folders must be located on
the same drive.
Display Previous Backup Status
The NSB-25 automatically shuts down if it detects inactivity after the XCopy, MCopy or Verify process. When the device is switched back on again, it displays the previous backup status; either "Success" or "Failed". You can check details in the LOG file for that drive when the Success message is displayed.
Naming a Drive and Folder
When you backup from the card, a folder is automatically created. The folder is named according to the files most recent date (ex. 20140401.000). Folders are numbered in the order they are copied.

For multiple users, the NSB-25 does not change the drive name during the Hard drive format. Set your preferred Drive name at the computer to differentiate your drives.
Log File
The NSB-25 generates a LOG file (CRC-protected) to keep track of usage by the user and then saves it on each drive attached to it. The Log file provides information about XCopy, Sync, computer connectivity etc.