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Easy to use with 5 inch touch screen
All functions can be operated by 3 buttons - Power, Enter, Back. The operating status is displayed on LCD.
Built in CF, SDHC/SDXC slot
Compact flash, SD/SDHC/SDXC
Bridge memory module slot
Interchangeable memory module for user's requirement -
SxS, XQD, P2, AJA PACK, CFast, REDMAG, 2.5" SATA drives
(Hard drive/SSD), AXSM, express P2 or RED MINI-MAG.
Bridge pellet slot
2 bridge pellets which can hold 2.5 inches SATA Hard drive (or SSD),
user put the hard driver (or SSD) by oneself.
Power supply
NSB-25 is running and rechargeable with 6~25
voltages. The reverse power is protected and
auto shut-off of overvoltage over 28V upto 40V.
D-tap cable (sold separately) is connected to
6~24V big battery for the stable power supply.
Rechargeable battery
The NSB-25 contains an internal Li-Poly battery that enables the NSB-25 to be used without the power adapter. The internal Li-Poly battery can be charged with AC power adaptor or USB3.0. With the full charge of battery, NSB-25 operates for 3 hours to backup with the 2ea of bridge pellets For the full charging, it takes approximately 6 hours using the AC power adapter and 12hours with the USB 3.0 cable.
It offers high speed of data transfer with the connection of USB 3.0 port to computer.
USB 3.0
It is connectable to USB external hard drive or RAID.
Monitor inerface out
The video is played on the monitor with an external monitor button in playing screen.
You can check the sound in playback
User friendly design
Hand strap for stable use
Holes for tripod
Shock protective rubber jacket
Easy to use
with stopper