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NEXTO eXtreme ND2700 v 1.09 2010-08-17
NextoDI 14843
V1.09 English_ND2700.zip
Latest firmware for Nexto-eXtreme(ND2700).
Please check the color of aluminum case(Champaign Gold) before uploading firmware.

Fixed bug on capacity check. When larger hard drive(>520GB) used, ND2700 shows wrong free space info after the capacity check.

Uploading firmware
1. Download attatched file.
2. Unzip file.
3. Go into the unziped directory.
4. Follow the direction in the 'ReadMe.pdf'.
5. If your firmware version is V1.07 or above, you can upgrade firmware using memory card too.

* V1.09 - 2010_8_17
- Bug fix on free space calculation for larger(>520GB) hard drive.

* V1.08 - 2009_10_23
- Resolve compatibility issue with Canon HF S10 camcorder using USB OTG connection.

* V1.06 - 2008_10_29
- Updated the battery management feature.
- You can back up 20% more data than previous version.

* V1.05 - 2008_10_9
- Added support for German and Korean display.

* V1.04 - 2008_9_11
- Solved unstable backup with WesternDigital hard drive or Seagate hard rive. These hard drive is very sensitive to shock and small shock during backup cause backup failure. We added shockReovery routine to avoide this faulty failure. This shockRecovery routine does not means shock protection. So be careful not to give any shock to hard drive during backup. Shock during hard drive operation may result in hard drive failure.

* V1.02 - 2008_06_10
- [Incremental(supplementary) Copy] function added. Don't need to erase the memory card at every back up. Nexto-eXtreme copy only added files.

* V1.01 - 2008_05_02
- Shorten the time needed to check free space inside hard drive.[Capacity Check].
- Minor bug fix.
(1) eSATA cable insertion during USB connection, etc
(2) Error on card check menu.
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