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[NVS2500] Firmware V1.53 2012-09-20
NextoDI 21297
This is the firmware for NVS2500. Check your model number on the back of the unit before upgrade the firmware.

V1.21 user must update there firmware to this version of firmware. The V1.21 firmware has critical bug which makes NVS2500 cannot be used any more.
See below for the details.

==Pls read attached [Workflow.pdf]. It contains safety guaranteed data management method.

Download the firmware to your computer and unzip it.
Then copy the firmware file(NVSPRO.BIN) to the root directory of your NVS2500 or any memory card.
Then select [FIrmware Update] at the menu of NVS2500.

For details on firmware upgrade, see page 36 of the manual or refer to the document contained in the zip file.

* V1.53 (2012.9.20)
- Added support for XQD memory using USB3.0 Reader through USB Host port
- Resolve USB3.0 external HDD compatibility issue
- Bug fix. Fixed Blu-ray burning error at V1.52 firmware

* V1.52 (2012.6.26)
- Added support for XQD memory using ExpressCard adapter through SxS slot
- Motion detection sensor sensitivity control menu added

* V1.50 (2012.1.06)
- Added preview support for PRORES CODEC(NVS2525 UDF Special only)
- Added 'MOTION DETECTION' function to give a warning when a user handling of the unit can cause HDD failure.
- Added 'E-COPY' mode(Emergency Copy). When internal HDD failed, users can still copy memory card to external eSATA/USB HDD.
- Added 'Folder Name Selection' function. User can select different folder name during the copy.
- Added support for copy 'RED SSD' through RED station
- Added support for copy 'SoundDevice SSD' through eSATA(NVS2525 only)/USB connection
- Added support for Wise S2 card(NVS2501/2500 only)
- Set Up menu changed
- Minor bug fix

* V1.32B(2011.11.23)
- Fix for compatibility issue with SanDisk 32G/64G CF which is formatted at XF300/305 camera

* V1.32(2011.10.10)
- Fixed the compatibility issue with WesternDigital USB Hard Drive
- Minor bug fix

* V1.31A(2011.7.25)
- Improve the compatibility with various USB Memory Card Readers

* V1.31(2011.7.15)
- Critical bug fix for exFAT. There were error on cluster chain management, so possibility of wrong data copy when used with exFAT formatter SDXC.
- Added sound bar for following video format
>> LPCM format Audio embedded in MOV or MP4 file with MPEG2 video format
> Sony : PMW-EX1, PMW-EX3, PMW-350, PMW-F3, PMW-500
> JVC : GY-HM700, GY-HM100
> Convergent Design : nanoFLASH
- The quality of Blu-ray label improved.
- Added support for upload to USB hard drive.

* V1.30(2011.5.3)
- Added support of photo preview for CANON & NIKON DSLRs
- Added limited support for exFAT file format.
- Added support of SDXC. Supports smaller file(file_size<4GB) copy.
- Larger file size(4GB>) shall be supported later.
- Added support for USB card reader through eSATA/USB Host combo port
- Added support for USB based SDHC to SxS card adapter
Tested : SONY SxS adapter / MxR adapter
- Wise SxS card is not supported at this version.
Shall be supported at later version.
- Increased stability on electro static shock during memory card copy
- Added SMART HDD check during power on reset sequence.
- Added Pseudo 1x preview speed
- Added support for following cameras
GoPro / Drift HD170 / Convergent Design MPG
SONY PMW F3 / PMW500 / MC-50
- Bug fix for Hidden dir & files from MAC

* V1.22(2010.10.5)
- Added On/Off menu for auto-generation of Index file.
- Critical Bug fix of V1.21 firmware(See V1_21Error_Recover.pdf in the Zip file)
1.Battery management function modified at V1.21 firmware
2.Because of bug in this function, wrong data is written to internally managed SETUP file if battery gauge decrease during preview.
3.NVS2500 checks the SETUP file at each power on, and because of wrong data, NVS2500 shows error then power off.
4.User data is not affected by this error.

* V1.21(2010.8.22)
- Added preview support for video from Canon 5Dmk2 & other Canon DSLRs.
- Added support for BD-R/RE burning to external BlueRay driver which is connected through USB.
- Added preview of video stored in BD.
- Automatic generation of Label & Index file of BD after burning BD.
- For details on BD support, pls check below.

* V1.20(2010.6.8)
- 100% data safe workflow for video(see attached workflow.pdf)
- Sector recovery for recovering video files containing bad sector.
- Auto gneration of index file which can be accessed through Web Browser
- Warning for changing hard drive when bad sector detected during operation
- Added preview support for AVCHD
- Added preview support for CANON XF300/305

* V1.11(2010.3.23)
- The video files in hidden folder is removed from the preview list.
- Resolve device lockup problem when preview 0 byte video file.
- Resolve once SYNCed USB drive does SYNC same folder again after connection to PC.
- Minor performance upgrade on the preview of AVC-INTRA100
- Additional fix on compatibility issue with nanoFlash(convergent design)

* V1.10(2010.2.12)
- Twice faster M-Copy & SYNC speed. Approx. 30MB/s now
- Twice faster CF & SD/MS copy speed. For CF, Approx. 30MB/s now
- 5 times faster full verify speed. For SxS, Approx. 80MB/s now
- Added [Copy & Verify] function. Automatic full verify after copy.
- Export the backup folder in internal HDD to CF/SD/MS.
- Added [Delete] for memory card including SxS and Card Bus Memory card(Including P2/P2E Card).
- Added preview for external device such as P2/SxS/CF/SD/MS and external USB hard drive
- Display file name during the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Clip View\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' mode
- Added support for SxS-1(indication on life time expire)
- Added preview support for nanoFlash of Convergent-design.
- Preliminary support for AVC-Intra50
- Support for \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'avi\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' file of PMW-350 of SONY.

* V1.06(2009.11.03)
- Resolved compatibility issue with external USB hard drive. See below for details.
- Full support for previewing mov file of Convergent Design.
- Added support for Russian language.

* V1.05(2009.10.08)
- Bug fixed for previewing PAL format DVCPRO HD footage
- Added support for previewing MPEC2 Codec based .mov file such as JVC GY-HM100/700.
- Added support for Spanish and Italian.
- Because of compatibility issue with USB external hard drive, Mcopy and Sync function is disabled at this firmware. Will be enabled again at next firmware(V1.06) after severe exam on the USB compatibility.

* V1.04(2009.09.25)
- SxS card does not detected in some times.
-> Fixed. The response of SxS is slow if there are many clips on it
- Large file(>2GB) of Ikegami and Convergent design could not preview at NVS2500.
-> Fixed.
- Cold plug for external USB hard drive does not work.
-> Fixed
- Remove hidden folder from the preview list.

* V1.02(2009.08.30)
- Bug Fix
If the NVSPRO folder is removed or the name is modified by user at the computer, NVS2500 may be hang during next power on depends on the condition of FAT. This bug fixed at V1.02.

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